Custom Work

Custom pieces can be commissioned in all mediums. 



Work can be done based on prior designs that I have created which can be modified in both size and material. If you have a design that you are envisioning, I can help bring it into being. I work in silver, copper, and gold.  I can also do repairs on jewelry, including older pieces that most jewelry shops won't work on, including Native American and ethnographic pieces from around the world. 



Custom lapidary work can include cutting and polishing a specific stone for use in a piece of jewelry I create. I keep a collection of raw material on hand such as turquoise and a variety of fossils and can source other material for clients as well. Alternatively, if you've found a special stone and would like it cut, polished or turned into a cabochon that can be done.



From a jewelry box to a house renovation, I am happy to consider commissioned woodworking. My woodworking preferences for furniture scale pieces are Shaker and Arts and Crafts styled pieces which I create using primarily hand tools and traditional joinery techniques. Larger scale projects I've done include porches, portals, kitchens, floors, small additions, and wheelchair ramps.